The Merriam-Webster definition of prosody is 1: “the study of versification, especially the systematic study of metrical structure” 2: “a particular system, theory, or style of versification” (3) “the rhythmic and intonational aspect of language”. The past few months unraveled this poetic structure in my walk of faith and emotional freedom. Through occupational change, relational change, and environmental change my heart has been beating under a stream of wild consciousness.

To begin, without naievete, I am truly engaged in my work at UNCG as an Administrative Assistant, soon-to-be (3 or 4 years shy) professor of English specializing in French literature. There is so much continual ideation (seminars and trainings to go to, classes to audit, degrees to pursue) that a part of me feels completely at home in the seeking of communal knowledge. This is one of the Top 5 themes in my world (thank you, Strengths Finder 2.0) and the beauty of working in an office with other like-minded individuals is a treasure! That being said, the hard jewels of GDS were necessary and helped me in my journey. It’s funny to think of deep frustrations that turned into steady enjoyments, and how this will be reverberated in the shouts and songs of praise to those elusive heavens. Loftiness, aside…

It’s odd and incredibly satisfying to spend time with someone who shares your passion for “IT Crowd” (as well as other British super-nerd comedies…see “Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace” and cast members from the afore-mentioned show), many anime series, quiet moments of worship, good jazz, food, living the life of Christian discipleship, dreams of a large family, friends, and experiences, among hundreds of other things. I feel slightly romanced, and slightly challenged to be the most beautiful, sexiest, funniest, most intelligent, most responsible version of myself. What’s fantastic is that I’m loved if I’m none of those things. I give that same love only because I really want to. It’s a mutually grace-filled, truthful relationship. For this I am beyond thankful.

The environmental change comes from moving apartments in a hurry, barely able to unpack before the frenzied pace of all of these other activities. I will only be here a year or so, before another move occurs. I’m ready to really and truly settle into a home one day, and I smell it on the horizon.

This post is for nothing more than shared appreciation for life’s subtle changes and character-building, and a shameless plug for Richard Ayoade…


About violetprose

Writing pulls me out of myself and into a world of color. It soothes, encourages, and inspires, among other treasures. I use it to love, work, and play. I pray it breathes life and shares hope.
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