Love Journal and A Desire For Wind

Oh, August. The sweet sound of your middle draws up memories of school. School meant deep engagement, red plaid uniforms, jeans for raking leaves on future Saturdays, and having time to reflect on life. Anxious cubbies stuffed with paste, glitter crayons, and purple composition books swirl over a trip to Old Navy for new clothes, early evenings near the fireplace, and a harvest mentality to create, work, play, and live. I love that this comes each year.

Although summer has been beautiful and life-changing, my soul itches for the cool path of autumn. It’s been quite shy for the past few years in North Carolina, and I ache to sip a pumpkin spice latte in fifty-degree weather. In September. Please Lord, hear my prayers! I want to hear the crunch of many leaves under our feet as Travis and I go walking in the park and watch the breezed-up waves of Lake Brandt. I want to pull sweater sleeves well past my wrist onto the tips of my knuckles. I want families who send their children to class to get peace for their home-making, and families who teach their children to find new and dynamic ways of praising Yahweh through the season’s shift. I want homeless men and women across Greensboro to not sweat and pass out from heat, for me to be reminded that help is necessary and to DO something to give it.

I want to activate my life with purposeful time to love my husband, family and friends; read long and hard; write more and more; teach to the best of my ability and be honest if I suck at it; offer cheerful, grace-drenched help to students and professors no matter how I’m treated; draw anime and create video game characters because it gives me pleasure; write letters; pick up at least a little from a mess when I see it; not buy any new books for a YEAR unless it’s absolutely necessary, and cherish the ones I own; breathe in nature as much as possible; not take things personally and smile when I’m angry. These are beginnings.

Fall marks beginnings. Now, I want to mark the rest of the summer and savor every moment of it.

My few weeks of belonging exclusively to someone else’s flesh proves phenomenal, frightening, and exhilarating. There is a chorus when we dance with each other in the living room, discuss characters from a fantastic anime called Soul Eater, and share dreams for holiday traditions. My inner critic surfaces when I attempt to make him delicious meals (following up on Charleston Grille, Perfectly Franks, and Hyman’s Seafood makes it pretty difficult), help organize our household, or choose a book to go through together. Nothing seems good enough. I’m reminded of how a churched Christian should imitate this in response to the lavish love of Christ. And before our fickle minds deteriorate, I’ll share recorded memories of one of the best weeks of our collective lives, stream-of-conscious style (which in this situation, given the circumstances, is like that of a thirteen year-old girl with a Beiber shirt). Unless you are friends, family, or bored here are the details…


Saturday, July 21st: car battery died! Ryan Krumroy jumped us and Hosanna wouldn’t leave and wanted to stay with us; we drove to the Proximity Hotel and checked in, still wearing the wedding dress…we ordered room service at 11 at night, took a bath and fell back asleep

Sunday, July 22nd: brunch at Print Works Bistro– delicious!; car wouldn’t start, got jumped from staff; had to replace the battery in Asheboro at Sheetz– a kind man in a wheelchair (who could assemble and disassemble it and get in all by himself) jumped us and also said congratulations; we bought a new battery and cleaned paint off at Auto Zone; we arrived at Linwood Bed and Breakfast to find scripture, giant insects, a bookshelf with Hugo and beautiful surroundings;…ate, fell asleep…

Monday, July 23rd: woke up & watched the Animal Planet…Travis made breakfast; Target and mall shopping; went to Perfectly Franks (yum!) before Batman, which is one of the best movies we’ve ever seen…

Tuesday, July 24th- breakfast; Target again, Tanger outlets, the beach! dressed up and went to Charleston Grill– the best meal we’ve ever had in life (six courses– a Tawny Port for Travis and Warrior Port for me, grain bread, jazz trio, lightning & ambiance as stellar; sat in a leather booth; our table was even pulled out for us; octopus, crab cakes, Mai Thai flounder, lobster, lamb, wonderful desert, caviar with the crab cakes, complimentary champagne (smelled like perfume according to T) & mini desserts; drove home in a massive thunderstorm…

Wednesday, July 25th- breakfast; Target– put aloe on Travis, assisting him with his “white man’s problem” (his words, not mine); went to A Very Little Bookstore, where the owner was really nice and had her cute kids stocking shelves with HP and Star Wars chapter books; bought a book about the beach for future offspring; went to Accent on Wine & More where a guy from Asheville helped us find local beers; Aquarium- saw lemurs, a 4-D movie complete with sprays of water and attacking snakes, pet stingrays, saw huge fish & a shark, turtles & snakes, sleeping otters, etc.; ate at Hyman’s Seafood– great and huge!; walked a bit, then Pub Tour- Irish quesedillas, ghost stories, jokes about Baptists and Episcopalians, live blues band, lady on stage with a cowbell, karaoke, sleep!

Thursday, July 26th- the beach; late for our parasailing appointment but the staff let us go on a Jet Ski safari; toured the beautiful houses in Isle of Palms and went on the beach again; rode some waves, Travis had on his Guinness hat, we got drenched by the surf; went to Marina Market, then took an INCREDIBLE jet ski tour with Travis driving; met a couple from Asheville, this tour was our favorite part of the trip (besides the obvious); fun, fast, sprayed blind (bandana and glasses next time), secluded beach, planning for more active things in Greensboro, went to Perfectly Franks; watched some international soccer; packed up and drifted off to bed

Friday, July 27th- our last breakfast at Linwood; forgot my wedding ring after 10 minutes of driving so we drove back; Charleston- Open Market; went to the water fountain to watch kids play, the Custom House and the Old Exchange- during the tour, T was a merchant and murderer (woo-hoo) and I was a merchant and an American spy; walked back to the car, ate pizza and drove home!


About violetprose

Writing pulls me out of myself and into a world of color. It soothes, encourages, and inspires, among other treasures. I use it to love, work, and play. I pray it breathes life and shares hope.
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