Fever, Anger: Fight!

Anime may be laughable at times, but it does an excellent job of showcasing the battles we feel in our souls when emotions go off the radar.

I felt like punching a bag of bricks this morning when our neighbor, who’s done everything possible to keep us from sleeping, kept my recently-fevered booty up until 3 a.m….again. I then felt like grabbing that bag and launching it into his living room window. Anger seeped out of my veins like venom, and I told him to “Shut the f*** up” through the ceiling. Not my finest, princess-like attitude.

What exactly is a princess in the kingdom of Christ, though? Does she pull out her Hattori Hanzo sword and reign down the fire of justice in the name of her Lord? Does she seek blood for blood? Um, Alex, I’m going to have to go for “NO” for eight-hundred, please. As much as I enjoy a good vengeance story in the name of the poor, I have no right as child of the One who cried “Forgive them, they don’t know!” to demand payment from anyone. I tend to treat Christ like that every day, and he tends to lovingly forgive my hypocrisy and ask that I rise up to His occasion of love and concern for my neighbor. Surely not this neighbor, God. Yes. This neighbor…


The space between thunder and water
rages in this perfect blue
climbing past the silver moon,
cuddling its lightning
in the forest of black
and slivered light,
droplets painful but full
drown away.


About violetprose

Writing pulls me out of myself and into a world of color. It soothes, encourages, and inspires, among other treasures. I use it to love, work, and play. I pray it breathes life and shares hope.
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1 Response to Fever, Anger: Fight!

  1. Hats off to you Princess.

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