Pleased To Meet You



Welcome, and so glad to have you peruse this blog! I’m Nina, an aspiring poet and writer. The stud on the right is my husband Travis, and we look forward to raising little Ian there in love and truth while running after numerous hobbies and goals. We follow the life of Christ, and pray that he is seen through us whenever possible. I’m chasing words, French culture, soccer, the piano, and interesting anime. Travis hopes for crafting beer, photography, and our joint interests in piano and anime. Having lived in Greensboro, NC for a number of years, we’d be completely content to stay here and plug into the art-filled community forever or move anywhere adventure takes us.

This space is meant for musings on literature and life in general, as well as pictures of life with Travis and Ian. It’s a way to connect with other writers and artists, like-minded bloggers, anyone who is interested in conversation on the bigger picture.

There are ruins and glimpses of jeweled cities out there, and my hope is to share all of it with you.


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